Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear viewer,

I am glad to present to you this first online exhibition about Amorphous Images. It is a great step to keep working toward a new art. I know for sure, that there are many international artists, designers and art students around the world seeking new ways to express creative ideas in an own manner. Well, here are those ones that accepted the challenge to race here to continue An Amorphous Image Process, and their art work speaks for itself.

Many Thanks!


I am an artist from Calgary, Canada. I am developing a series of paintings that are concerned with the exploration of my interpretations of organic structures, and the organic processes by which my paint settles into form. They are done without a pre-determined plan, they are improvised and spontaneous.

To review my work .visit: http://www.bowmanfineart.com/


Fundación/Colección Jumex scholar
b. Mexico City, Mexico.
MA candidate at the San Francisco Art Institute, CA, USA

The series of work Family Freak Show is a personal representation of family anecdotes translated into photographs, drawings, and books. This spectacle of family deformities results primarily from my personal stories and fantasies that mix with popular imagery.


I am from Thailand.  I graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University in 1996. Since graduation, I have been working as a media artist with Cyber Lab at the Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University. I work in the realm of contemporary art and am interested in revealing the unexplored facets of experience.

I am directing my energies towards the exploration of the phenomenon of cross-interdisciplinary of art and culture, and searching for answers that can help reverse the subordination and objective materialism, which are prevalent in today’s society. What are the thoughts, doubts, fears, uncertainties, and reflections that we have and experience as we head towards the new material and immaterial territories, which we are to inhabit in the future?  I am still in a search for the unexplored facets of experience. I  hope  that  I  will  be  able  to  continue my "artistic research experiences" and wish to improve my artistic ability in the international art community.

To review my work .visit: http://www.chutiwongpeti.info/


I think I am much in tune with your new approach to art; although I far from understand it all, nor sure that it is of interest that our ways ever cross.

My view on amorphosity is via transparency: transparent matters, diversion of normally opaque objects and beings.

When what you see is not only one main subject surrounded by some background, but capture of all possible elements placed between the eye and the horizon because they are more or less transparent - and beyond, between the artist’s body and infinity, seen able or not, real or not.

Here you will find the first concept and object I have invented in this line: this is the transparent flag, that serves no cause, or that serves the cause of non-beings

To review my work .visit: http://k-droz.fr


In my mind, invention and extrapolation are the cleanest representation of this time and place that I have been apart of, and those two terms describe the most important aspects of my work. By using form invention to catapult extrapolation, I’ve created a process in which invention and intuition breed automation, resulting in my own language of self expression.

To review my work .visit: www.erickaepplinger.blogspot.com


I make an original at a very small scale, using traditional artwork materials or non traditional materials. In spaces no larger than one inch, I make the original painting or drawing at this scale on the support paper or another support, and then using high magnification macro photography techniques, I take a digital photography and transfer it to the computer where I will work again using different programs. The final work is an Amorphous Image that visually is totally separated from the original and I believe that the MiacroP process fix your concept of "Amorphous Image Process". It is the transgression of Painting by Photography and vice versa and the transposition of both mediums by technology in a new direction. The MiacroP concept is related directly to the Theory of Reductionism, used in many ways by the Science to approach to complex things, objects, explanations theories and meanings.

To review my work .visit: www.miamipicture.net


I was born in Penza, Russia in 1986. During 5 years I have studied in elementary art school in Penza.

In 2005 I and my mother moved to Moscow. During 4 years I worked as a secretary. In 2009 I graduated from State University of Management and Technology with diploma in economics and in the same year entered High School of Economy. Now I study political science and earn money by freelance work: writing essay, articles in public sciences.

I paint works in different styles, such as suprematism, conceptual art, surrealism. I respect style of Russian artists Vrubel, Rerich, international artists Dali, Kandinsky, and Gauguin. I am also interesting in photography. I like to make pictures of nature and still lives.

To review my work .visit: http://www.wooloo.org/juliafucik


He is a deconstructivist artist living in Los Angeles. His work has been seen internationally in SCOPE New York, SCOPE Basel, the Digital Fringe Festival in Melbourne Australia, Les Territoires in Montreal, as well as The Seattle Art Museum.

After earning a Bachelors degree in painting, he moved west to study New Media at the San Francisco Art Institute in California where he recieved an MFA in Digital Media and Videography.

To review my work .visit:  http://www.tobannichols.com/


This part of a portfolio of images I recovered from my home in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. These are digital dupes of the original slides/transparencies/prints/Polaroid

There is no digital manipulation of the image other than for exposure.

Residual images.

To review my work .visit:  http://www.briannolan.com/


I am a self taught artist that spent some of my time in the city of New York. As a drawer and artist, most of my work is dated modern manner abstract and contemporary art works on paper. My usage of colors and materials applied are self indepent artist thrive to profession. My goal in as artist is to humor, read, review, critics choice written of just monitor of my work is very much in my interest. My works are mainly works on paper post as an indepent artist.


Since 1984, I have been a Latin American artist working toward a new art, playing with ingenuity around the themes of birds, fishes and human figures, carefully searching out theories and titles, developing the semiology element and the transfigurative form at the outskirts of sub realism.

In the process of creating, I have utilized visual arts to pursue the image environment as an amorphous space, to create the capacity of finding different approaches, generating themes around space and time, thus springing the changes where the image is subdued by the external elements that make it

To review my work .visit: http://www.angelfire.com/ks/ksn/